How To Remit?

The procedure for remittance of money is very easy and simple. All you need to do is to approach your bankers and inform to send
the money by Telegraphic Transfer OR by SWIFT. The details of our bankers with their Nostro Account Nos. are given below for your
ready reference. You may remit the funds to our bankers as per following Instructions:

REMIT Proceeds by TT or SWIFT to C. DINESH & CO.PVT.LTD.

Amount to be remitted in US $ only

Upon remittance, please instruct your banker to advise our banker(s) suitably by authenticated message giving particulars of
remittance with Value Date and the Amount credited to our banker(s) account giving authorization to pay the full value without any
deduction to the beneficiary i.e.C.DINESH & CO.PVT.LTD.,. This is very much important and essential.

For any further clarification or assistance in the matter, please feel free to contact our Accounts dept at :

Mr. DALVI S.L. - Accounts Manager
Tel : +91 22 43000244
Fax: +91 22 43000248